Dear Principals and School Leaders,

We are excited to announce that the Professional Development Program for Semester 1, 2024 is now available for registration!

We have included some new topics this semester which will expand your knowledge and skills. We've also brought back some popular topics that are always popular and highly sought. We're offering a combination of online and face-to-face sessions (to be held in Carlton).

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Semester 1, 2024 PD Program.

Please register each participant in your school using this online form:

Please submit a new form for EACH participant selecting all the PD sessions you are registering them for. All sessions start at 6:30 PM.

You will receive an email confirmation approximately 7 days prior the PD session with your Zoom details or requesting your RSVP if it's a face-to-face session. For Face-to-Face sessions we need to ensure enough registrations to move forward.

If you cannot attend a session, it's greatly appreciated that you send me an email to let me know.

We look forward to your participation and hope to see you at our upcoming sessions.


Topic: Functional Language Foundations
Presenter: Linton Roe


  • What is meant by "functional language"
  • How functional language empowers our students to speak with greater confidence
  • Ssome simple practical activities that use functional language

Topic: Information Session for Principals and Teachers New to Teaching Units 1 to 4, Languages
Presenter: Maria Dikaiou and Terri Di Battista

This session is for principals, new teachers and teachers who wish to refresh their knowledge when preparing to teach Units 1 - 4 Languages. This is a general session for teachers of CCAFL, Second and First Languages. Participants must bring their study design to the session. Participants will also be given information regarding relevant documents and where to find them.

Topic: How to Use Canva for Education
Presenter: Heba El-Hakim

We are all visual learners. We all have different learning styles, but a picture is worth a thousand words to us all. And that’s why Canva is a fantastic tool for learning. Educators can use it to present material to students in a visual manner, and students can use it to “articulate” new concepts in a clear and intuitive way. This is a brief overview of how to use Canva to create beautiful and appealing learning materials.

Topic: Leveraging Gen AI To Empower Languages Teachers and Learners
Presenter: Linton Roe

  • Gen AI tools will soon become mainstream
  • They can really help Languages teachers and learners
  • Teachers need to create the time to explore them for effective use

Topic: Motivating Languages Learners
Presenter: Linton Roe
  • Exploring the student voice
  • Using language student to student
  • Spaced repetition in light of the science of learning

Topic: Aiming for a Calm and Productive Environment
Presenter: Elizabeth Karakehagias

Participants will learn to:
  • Create a sense of order and routine.
  • Positively reinforce good behavior.

Topic: Planning, Preparing and Reviewing to Teach Unit 1 and Unit 3, VCE Second and CCAFL Languages
Presenter: Maria Dikaiou and Terri Di Battista

This is a practical workshop for principals and teachers who wish to plan and / or review their Unit outlines regarding Unit 1 and Unit 3 VCE Second and CCAFL Languages. Participants must bring their study design to the session. The session will focus on key points to consider when planning and teaching as well as where to find supporting documents.

Topic: Designing for Skills: Unit Planning and Assessment Design
Presenter: Sarah Pavy

This session will look at designing a unit of work around a topic/theme to ensure strong student skills development and effectively-designed assessment. This will include breaking down the knowledge, understanding and skill within a unit, identifying key components and focus areas for learning, and designing tasks to ensure purposeful and effective assessment that is meaningful for students. Teachers will have the opportunity to discuss and practise planning units of work using tools and approaches that ensure effective teaching and learning.

Topic: Engaging and Meeting the Needs of Students with Different Learning Styles
Presenter: Elizabeth Karakehagias

Every classroom has many layers of attainment and achievement. This brings challenges that can be addressed through careful planning.
Participants will be able to:
  • Participate collaboratively in shared class experiences
  • Develop the ability and confidence to respond to questions and use key features of the language

Topic: Formative Assessment: Ongoing Feedback For Student Development
Presenter: Sarah Pavy

This session will focus on a range of tools and strategies to provide feedback to students every day in classrooms that encourages self-awareness, support skill development and enhance student approaches to learning languages. The tools shared will encourage student self-reflection, active participation in their learning and help them to monitor their own progress. These tools also provide rich insights to teachers that can feed back into their planning and teaching.

Topic: Teaching Languages Effectively: How Can Artificial Intelligence Assist Our Teachers?
Presenter: Dr Jing Qi

Participants will gain an understanding of what AI is, and what AI systems and programs have been and can be used in teaching and learning languages.

Topic: Engaging Students and Managing Behaviour: Facing the Challenges of Language Classrooms
Presenter: Sarah Pavy

This session will focus on how to manage student behaviour in the Languages classroom. The session will look to address common issues through planning and preparation of lessons and activities (including lesson starters and types of tasks), the language used to develop positive and respectful classes, and specific tips and strategies to reduce potential for misbehaviour. This includes a focus on tasks and approaches to engage students in the learning. There is no magic solution, but the aim of this session is to provide teachers with simple and easy-to-implement strategies that help to prevent and overcome some common causes of misbehaviour. Teachers will have the opportunity to develop an Action Plan to help try to get on top of a ‘tricky class’ that they can take back to school for implementation.

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything or even wish to suggest some Professional Development Topics you would like to have us organise please send me an email, I love hearing from you!

Kind Regards,

Heba El-Hakim | Project & Communications Officer
Community Languages Victoria / Community Languages Australia
Mobile: 0430 744 094
Website: CLV / CLA
I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which I work, and pay my respects to the Elders, past, present and emerging.

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